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Twitter Alternative: What is Squabblr?

Squabblr is a "open discussions" platform that combines elements of both Reddit and Twitter, offering a unique experience for users. It allows people to engage in discussions and debates on various topics, similar to Reddit, while also providing a more condensed and fast-paced environment like Twitter.

Squabblr is a relatively new platform and is still in its early stages of development. The developers are actively listening to user feedback and implementing new features to improve the platform. Users can join communities, share posts, and interact with others in a manner that encourages lively conversations and the exchange of diverse opinions.

Pros include a unique layout that promotes short term content, as you see on Twitter, and long term content and conversations as you see on Reddit. However, this is a relatively new platform, and has a relatively low user count.

This platform is an interesting one as it solves some of the biggest problems on Twitter and Reddit. Twitter has an issue with supporting long-form conversations, while Reddit's follow system leaves much to be desired, and doesn't encourage short-form content as you can on Twitter. You can hop on early to this platform, as there is potential in this tweet/long-form discussion layout.

Other Twitter Alternatives

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Squabblr is a hybrid of Twitter and Reddit. It let's you have more in depth conversations than Twitter, but also allows you to post short blurbs on whatever you're thinking.

Mastodon icon


Mastodon.social is a decentralized microblogging platform prioritizing user privacy and community-driven interactions.

Bluesky icon


Bluesky, a decentralized Twitter alternative, encourages community creation through photo sharing and customizable rules, in invite-only beta with future plans for public access.

Counter Social icon

Counter Social

Counter Social is a blockchain-based social media platform that prioritizes user privacy and content ownership.

Substack icon


Substack.com, a premier Twitter alternative, introduced a notes feature and boasts over 35 million active subscriptions, including 2 million paid subscriptions.

Gab icon


Gab.com is a social media platform that champions itself as the most free-speech platform. Providing users with a platform that emphasizes unrestricted expression of ideas and opinions.

Hive Social icon

Hive Social

Hive Social is a mobile app available on Apple and in beta on Android, offering a chronological feed without "shadow banning" or prioritizing certain accounts.

Post icon


Post.news aims to revive the enjoyable aspects of early social media, prioritizing content moderation and civil discussions, drawing significant interest with a waitlist of 180,000.

Cohost icon


Cohost is an ad-free social media platform with a vertical timeline, aiming to offer a straightforward alternative to traditional platforms.

Tribel icon


Tribel Social Network is a left-leaning Twitter alternative, provides users with a customizable experience, allowing targeted audience selection and personalized news feeds.